The Junior Apprentice

Junior Apprentice

The Junior Apprentice, based on the hit television show ‘The Apprentice’ is an accredited Core Skills, Business & Leadership project active across 5 London boroughs. Beginning with an exciting 3 weeks of full time activities, between around 120 young people aged 13 to 19 years will battle it out over a series of team challenges designed to develop, teach, and inspire each individual, while bringing forth the talents each one has in a fun, creative and safe way.

Working within successful businesses and alongside the community, young people will learn a wide range of transferable skills, from creating, marketing, and pitching products and ideas to a board of experts, to buying and selling, social action and creating a business enterprise. Those aged 17 and above also have the opportunity to become peer volunteer youth workers on the project. Great prizes are on offer including cash, tablets & vouchers! The project continues yearlong with opportunities including mentoring, work experience, workshops and group activities.

Sponsor of the 2016/17 Junior Apprentice

Sponsor of the 2016/17 Junior Apprentice


See some pics from our wonderful Junior Apprentice 2016


2016 Junior Apprentice Winner Rai
“After the first year that I took part in the Junior Apprentice, I had changed. I had come to the Hebe Foundation a mouse and I’d won as a confident young woman. And I see the same thing happening to so many others, young girls and boys turing into confident, savvy and aware young women and men. The only way I have ever seen someone leave the Hebe Foundation is for the better. You are taught skills that most people don’t learn until much later in life, and experience things that will not only give you preparation for the future, but understanding of it as well. If anyone is doubting going to the Junior Apprentice, Urban Debaters or Next Top Role Model, take it from the Mouse who is now the London 2016 Junior Apprentice winner, that every second, is worth it”.

If you would like to collaborate with us in delivering the Junior Apprentice in your area please contact us.