Moreh Mentoring


If you look at any highly successful person, you will almost always find a mentor! Obama says one of his mentors is his wife, Michelle. Richard Branson’s mentor is a man named Freddie Laker. Warren Buffett’s mentors were his University Professor and his Dad. Denzel Washington’s mentor is his acting teacher. Malcom X mentored Muhammed Ali. Oprah Winfrey’s mentor was her teacher.

A mentor (moreh –Hebrew) is one that imparts wisdom and knowledge to those younger than themselves. We at Hebe hold firm to our belief that every young person should have a mentor in their lives to help guide, teach, encourage and most importantly listen to them.

We provide all the young people we work with the opportunity to request a moreh for as long as they are needed.

Everyone needs a mentor in life! If you would like to take this opportunity, sign up here

Would you like to be a mentor?

We are looking for people with a passion to see young people develop. You will be objective and non-judgmental, seeking to uplift a young person in all areas of need. If you think you could invest some time and help a young person to grow, please contact us here.