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Celebrating 10 Years!

It’s our 10 year anniversary!!!! We are so happy to be celebrating 10 years of helping  young people realise their talents and build the skills to succeed in every area of their lives. To each of our 400+ Volunteers, 40+ Corporate & Community Partners, 200+ Sponsors, 30+ Youth Workers, and each and every one of our 800+ young people that we’ve worked with over these 10 years – thank you so much for being a Hebe Champion.
We are looking forward to the next 10 years and we hope that you will want to journey with us in some way as we support our London youth and beyond.
We will be celebrating throughout this anniversary year, so stay connected for all that’s happening.

In a personal letter to Hebe Founder Amie Buhari, Prime Minister Theresa May said:
“The Hebe Foundation has given so many young people across London the opportunity to build skills and discover their talents, changing lives for the better. You should be enormously proud of everything you are achieving through this important work.”
Amie said:
“I’m shocked and honoured to receive this award. The whole point of The Hebe Foundation is to develop the lives of disadvantaged young people by illuminating their gifts and talents; so it’s awesome that we would receive an award by ‘Points of Light’. We wouldn’t exist without all our amazing volunteers who stand beside me as we work, so thank you to them.
To have this recognition from the Prime Minister is a great privilege. Doors will now be opened that will be beneficial in so many ways as we move forward with helping more young people and working in partnership with more organisations to do this.
I’m giving this one to all our young people, because every time they make steps to understanding who they are and what they can achieve; they become our points of light, making the future that much brighter and better, and me proud to be able to guide them into it!” Read more


LBA Mission Partnership

Through funding from the LBA Home Mission Fund, we will be assisting churches in developing their youth departments and youth community involvement within their communities.
Together we will create and provide home mission opportunities and collaboration with other churches/youth providers: to create an enriched youth network that actively reaches into the mission field and changes the atmosphere.
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